IPhone 5 - How To Turn on Autofill

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The autofill feature on the iPhone 5 is another the iPhone makes remembering things easier, relieving your cerebral energy to focus on things besides remembering, perhaps this is why so many Americans spend most of their time daydreaming. You can control the autofill function by setting or resetting the functions in the “settings” area. The iPhone five will remember what you type into “safari,” unless you instruct it do do otherwise.

The phone utilizes the “Autofill” feature when the “Use Contact Info” switch is enabled, so if you would like to turn it off, take the five seconds to turn that feature off in your settings, but be prepared to remember your passwords and browser history. Sure, 5 passwords to remember might not be that bad, you say to yourself. Well, if you have been using smartphone technology like the iPhone 5 for a long time, your memory might just be a bit too out of practice.

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