How to Edit the Wiki



How to Edit the Wiki

This section of the wiki will explain the basic method for editing and adding information to the 416 wiki.

• To find the ME 416 page go to:

• then click “Categorized Wiki List” under “Wikis hosted here”

• Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the ‘M’ category.

• Click “ME416” The full list of subjects in alphabetical order will be displayed.

• To edit anything there look to the top right corner and click “Log in”

• Use the following log in info

      o	User name:  416 (or make your own account) 
      o	Pass: wsu 

• You can then click edit to edit the 416 page or click on the individual categories to edit them.

• To add a new page into the 416 directory:

      o	Click on one of the categories already in the 416 directory, then click edit, copy the text and code that is there
      o	Cancel out of the editing and click “create a wiki” on the left hand side of the screen 
      o	Where it says “Create a single wiki page” Add the title of the new page you want to make and click create 
      o	Paste the copied text into the edit window, modify it with what you want the page to say. Preview the page or save it at the bottom 
      o	Once you’ve saved it copy the URL from the address bar. 
      o	Go back to the 416 directory and click edit 
      o	Insert the URL into the edit window where you want it. Example of the code for the B category (leading asterisks have been omitted): 

To add entries into the main 416 page follow the format outlined below. (add an asterisk and square brackets around each line to put into proper format *[])

B Base Camp Building the House of Quality Buying a Car

And what that looks like on the main page:


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