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Warning: All this information is not true. Everything on this page is made for entertainment. Anything that is similar to the real world is completely coincidental. Thank you.


Helios is the third planet in the Yuripolick solar system. Some say that the Greek God Helios (Helius) was the creator of this planet. Although being more than billions and billions of light years away from Earth, others believe that Helios is a wrong name for a planet this far, as Greeks never heard of a planet like this (Greeks have only found the 9 planets in the Milky Way solar system). The strange thing is that this planet is almost just like Earth, but worse. The maximum temperature this planet has ever reached was 90 degrees Celsius at ground level and the lowest temperature was actually 0 degrees Celsius at ground level. The average temperature on this planet is 30 degrees Celsius. The air is 75.8% Nitrogen, 23.3% Oxygen and 0.9% gasified Emerald. This Emerald gas is not toxic to the rare vegetation on this planet, but helps volcanoes to cool down fast (not spill out too much magma) and the water to rapidly expand.

Religions on Helios

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