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                     HENIL UPADHYAY AND LIFE'S SMALL THINGS......!


      Mr. henil upadhyay is well known person with a great personality.he was born in 28 oct,1994.

he is graduated with the degree of BCA means he is the best in computer science. he was graduated in 2016 and passed out of college he came to a job of computer in vapi,gujarat.His father was an electrician in gandevi sugar factory gujarat and there they lived.he has only one brother named mit upadhyay. mit is working as a medical representative in valsad.henil upadhyay is very comedy person and he is the man who can make laugh on any face. he has this strange god gift.

      Henil upadhyay has one rule in his life actually every new mind moment is the rule of mr. henil upadhyay's life. he has the main rule of his life is help. he has great thinking to help anybody then if there is his enemy also can take opportunity for helping his.
      He has more about the discussion but not this time it will be next time with full story.
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