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In order to take a destination wedding ... you'll need to decide on a destination. The idea has been perhaps the best portions of wedding and reception planning. So below are some things that will help you to reach your dream wedding destination..


Just before we get started I have to mention you need to by now have a wedding budget and a wedding/honeymoon travel budget in mind. Should money's no item perfect but for the majority of it there's some boundaries this means you will play quite a huge role when choosing a destination. If you're not well-versed in the travel expense to each and every attainable place on your listing it would be best to assure you've recruited a destination wedding travel agent ahead of your final decision.

Now is your Event

Usually the term "destination wedding" conjures up images of a hot area exchanging vows barefoot on the seashore ... but that is not invariably the case. You may well be having a destination wedding because you don't reside somewhere near to the rest of your close relatives or because some of you closest family and friends want to "get away" and this makes an excellent probability to go away together with them. Irrespective of what the specific situation I hope you will take into account that this is YOUR (and your fiancé's) big day and your wedding location have to be what you should want.


To start you'll want to list out each and every destination that comes to mind. This could be all over the state line or half way across the world but jot down everywhere that you just think of for now. Don't try to scrutinize whether or not any of them will work (not yet) this is simply a brainstorming session.


Once you have outlined each one I really want you to go back to each one and write close to it the primary reason it's listed i.e. been through it and adored it, heard it's astounding, my friend got married there, spectacular beaches, want to go anywhere exotic, I've always wanted to go to Europe, etc.

Must Have's - Can't Have's

Is there anything that your desired destination must have? Will there be something that has to be offer breaker? This can in all probability be more applicable if we have a destination not to mention we're on the lookout for a true area but take this into account all over this process.

The Legal issues

Are you planning on getting legally married at your destination wedding or consider getting married at home prior to or just after your destination wedding? You have got to be aware of the pointers for residency and any other requirements for each destination before you can decide whether or not the venue will work for you.

Time of year

Now, have you got a time of year planned? For us, we want to get wed for the summer season. We both have kids from previous marriages and the proper way to work around school and visitation and such was to decide on a summer wedding after school released. You may need to think about days off from work, from school then when your most "important" guests is likely to travel if these things will factor in after all.


Nowadays, I want you to bear in mind regardless of whether you would like to go with a destination that will need passports for you and your friends and family members. Not just was this an additional outlay of money for us (we have 5 children) but it also needed a couple of work and "permission" on the part of our ex-spouses.


You will want to do a little analysis to understand whether or not the kind of wedding location you are pondering is available in each destination. If you're a upscale resort style of gal you'll want to make sure they are attainable before getting your heart set on a destination.

Local Conditions

You'll want to take into account the local conditions for each destination. As an example is there a large amount of poverty where you'll end up traveling? That would not transform it into a deal breaker but it may possibly mean you will have to spend most all of your time at the resort versus venturing out around town.

Locations to Avoid

It may seem silly to address but there will be destinations that ought to be avoided. It could be a dangerous spot for a travel to or possibly even where they just aren't particularly pleasing to foreigners. You should check the U.S. Department of State website to determine if there are any special warnings about any of your potential spots.

I hope you have as enjoyable looking for your wedding destination as I did. We've been so excited to be going to Tulum, Mexico ... it satisfies our wants and desires and from what I've noticed we won't want to leave!

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