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[edit] Biography

Smurfy is a player in TheUniversal who works closely with the Space Raiders. Even though, he can often be found throughout space escorting traders to their destinations for a small fee. Reports indicate that he is the owner of a modified cruiser, one which boasts advanced laser technology.

[edit] Introduction

Smurfy began his career in trading at around Mid-Dec 06. At this time, he began trading for small profits, enough to get himself by at the Core Worlds region of Zion - Ariya/Imperial. He could be found trading in this region for a few hours most days until finally, he settled upon the planet of Zoric 17. Up until around Early-Jan 07, Smurfy kept himself mostly based on this planet. After this date, he returned to space trading and upgraded his ship several times during this period. Eventually, he was spotted cruising the Core Regions boasting a Federation Type 9 Police Frigate, he continued trading during this time but he also began turning his attention towards the more criminal activities in these regions. He would continue to assist both in space and on Zoric 17 while attempting to put an end to disputes and skirmishes. After the law on disabling lasers in the Core Worlds became increasingly broken and the subsequent flood of pirates, it became increasingly clear that he would soon find himself the captain of a space coffin if he did not change his career to suit the growing criminal activities. By the time of early-Feb 07, he had emerged himself within the dark world of the Space Pirates, the biggest clan in the known regions, boasting enormous firepower and numbers. After quickly rising the ranks and forming several friendships, he foreseen the dark future which awaited the pirates, one of bounty-hunting and diminishing riches. Leaving the clan, he later discovered that he found no mercy for turning his back on the pirate gang and likewise, was beginning to find himself alone and without anybody to help. Deciding after a couple of months to return to pirating (Mid-April), Smurfy became an Admiral in the Space Pirates and the leader of a new, darker side of the clan called the Black Guard. He continued with this until his disappearance in Mid-May 07. It is rumoured that he ventured out into the Unknown Regions to map and explore the galaxy, mentioning that he would return when he was needed.

[edit] Known Traits

Smurfy is known to have the following traits;

  • Known Trader
  • Merchant
  • Pirate
  • Shrouded in Secrecy
  • Member of Pirate Brotherhood
  • Explorer
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