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M-232 is a system of four planets, three of which are inhabited. Uridium is not sold in the system, but it's an excellent destination for narcotics, construction materials, and military hardware.



[edit] Star System Information

  • Asteroid Belt
  • Planets
    • 697
    • 698
    • 699
    • 700

[edit] Trading Values

This table lists the available goods to buy and sell inside the system. Each good is given a ranking of "Excellent", "Good", "Fair", or "Poor", depending on the prices of each trade good. Trade goods not sold or bought in the system will not be listed.

Goods Buy Sell
Food Very Poor Excellent
Water Poor
Luxury Items Very Poor Excellent
Slaves Poor Fair
Narcotics Excellent
Construction Materials Excellent
Military Hardware Excellent

[edit] Ships, Weapons & Equipment Available

  • UniFighter
  • EM Burst
  • Gamma Ray Burst
  • Standard Lasers
  • Pulse Lasers
  • Phasers
  • Standard Missiles
  • Countermeasures

[edit] Closest Systems

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