Morgan aero supersport

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The Morgan Aero Super Sport is a car made by Morgan Motors Co. and can go from nought to sixty-two miles per hour in 4.5 seconds.


It is a 4799CC V8 with a maximum power amount set at 270kw (367 / bhp). It's maximum torque is 490Nm (370 lb / ft) and has a top speed of 170mph or 273kph. It's dry weight is 1,175kg and it's power to weight ratio is 315 bhp / tonne. It also has a fuel tank size / capacity of 55 litres.


It is available in the standard colours of blue, silver, black, red, white, dark green and cream but is available in an infinite spectrum of colours with colour / cost ratio applying.

Fuel Consumption

  • Urban: 17.1 mpg (16.5l / 100km)
  • Extra Urban: 34.4 mpg (8.2l / 100kn)
  • Combined: 25.2 mpg (11.2 / 100km)
  • C02: 269 g/km
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