Military parachute

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A military parachute is a device made for slowing a declination of military personnel to a safe speed for someone to land at.

creation process

A common military parachute is made of laser-cut nylon which has to first go through a 20kg pulling force test to check it's strength, if it breaks the nylon is sent back to the providers and stronger nylon is bought. It is then re-inforced with nylon tape by stitching it onto the nylon. After that it goes through a check , if there are less of more then twenty stiches per ten centimeters or two stiches per centimeter then the problem zones are covered with red tape to be cut of knotted and re-stitched. After that the fabric is weight tested again, threaded with rope and stuffed into a para-backpack (a backpack for parachute storage and release) with a second, backup, parachute zipped up, checked that the parchute release cord works and shipped of to the militant customers.

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