Edromaeus (dinosaur)

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Edromaeus or "dawn runner" was a small, two-legged dinosaur of not much more than one-point-two metres in length and four to six kilograms in weight. The reconstruction of the dinosaur, a probable ancestor of Tyrannosaurus rex, was from an almost complete set of bones found in the Valley of The Moon, in the north-west of Argentina. Eodromaeus was discovered in two hundred and fifty-million-year old rocks in the foothills of the Andes. Researchers from Argentina and the United States of America first chanced upon fossilised bones belonging to Eodromaeus in 1996, but it has taken them this long to reconstruct the fragments. Many of the fossils were covered in iron encrustations and required painstaking work under the microscope before casts could be made and a complete skeleton recreated. The finished creature claim the researchers, is one of the earliest dinosaurs yet discovered.

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