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A cane gun is a cane / walking stick with a concealed gun built into the stick. The cane head (the non - gun bit that you hold) is usualy made with medlar wood and styled like walking sticks of modern times (a.k.a the curve at the top) although unlike the walking sticks of today the tip was usually covered with either bronze, silver, gold.

Bronze was for the poor people that could afford it and represented that they fight for survival. Silver were for the middle class people and repesented that they earned that stick and if their property was tresspassed on they were prepared to use it so they could continue working for their money and wealth. Gold however was for the rich and represented the complete opposite of the others. Gold represented that the were people of and that they could afford to make even their mere cane guns look grand. This a negative psychological affect on some of the poor who could not afford the cane guns and drove some even to a life of crime and although the happening of this is poorly documented it has been very well documented in similar extravagant shows of wealth.

Cane guns were used as extreme last-resort emergency weapons. Cane guns now are very rare therefore very hard to get hold of and are mostly in the hands of wealthy private citizens for their personal collections and in public museums or their archives. Cane guns are usually fitted to fire large cartridges typical in handguns or large shotgun cartridges like a 12-gauge cartridge which is perfect for low pressure conditions of normal guns and excel in the high pressure conditions of a cane gun , with each cane gun holding a single cartridge, usually a high power type. Other variations of cane guns are blow dart cane guns and flare cane guns. The cane gun was made famous in Ian Fleming's novel, Casino Royale.

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