Anti-grav pump

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This is a pump for liquids who work without any mechanical parts and have a high efficiency. The pump consist of a vertical iron construction. At the bottom is the inlet tube. Higher up on the pump is the outlet tube. Over this tube are there a barrier of non electrical conducting material,who let through modulated energy of energyplain 2. Over this barrier are the coils for magnetic injection. Those coils are placed in a ring structure. Over this ring is the modulator tube placed. This tube are filled with thin A gas. The modulator tube is supplied with a frequencypicture who has a amplitude at 100000 Volt on the internal electrodes in the tube. The magnetic injection coils are supplied with another frequencypicture who has and amplitude at 1000 Ampere. The combination of the magnetic and electric injection types make the liquid get a negative gravity. The liquid is therefore pressed upwards inside the iron construction. The frequency picture cause the liquid mass to increase with a factor of 100 to 1000 times in negative direction. This means that this pump has a dramatic higher capacity than a mechanical pump. The energy plain 2 source can be the described power tower. The use of this type of pump needs not so much electrical power as a mechanical pump. This means that the capacity of the electrical powerstation can be lower than for a comparable mechanical pump. If the power tower is used it gets its energy from ITM.

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