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Toa Who?

~Toa of Rahi~ is a permanant guest star in Ultionicle, and also the first who rated the comedy. His first appearance will be in Chapter 4. He mostly browses the forums in BZPower, or posts in the Game & Trivia forum, rarely posting in any other sub-forum.


Lekori is the Le-Toa in Ultionicle, and always happy-like. He wears a green Kanohi Huna, giving him the ability to become invisible. (Tough his shadow will stil be seen.) He uses Air Katana's as weapons. Also, he can impress almost anybody with one skill: he can speak 10 rahi languages. This skill appeared to him only after he turned into a Toa.

Matoran Life

While a matoran, Lekori wore a green Kakama. He was given a Toa Stone by his Turaga, but he never tought of activating it and becoming a Toa. He continoued to live on, when one day the Toa Stone activated. Oh no, it didn't turn him into a Toa, it only activated his Kakama as if it was a Great Kakama. He started running, and noticed that he was running in the speed only Pohatu could run. He then somehow accidently traveled to Karzahni. He was then given a vision, forcing him to take off his mask. When he awoke, he found that Karzahni had given him a Noble Huna. He escaped by jumping into a Toa Canister, wich flew him back to Metru Nui. Incredibly, the Red Star let out a lightning that almost hit the matoran's canister, but instead, it activated his Toa Stone, turning his Noble Huna into a Great one, and transforming his body into a Toa's one. At the time, he had a book about Rahi and their languages, wich dissapeared when the Toa Stone activated, transfering some of its information into Lekori's mind.


  • Toa Lekori can speak ten Rahi langueges, including Kikanalo!
  • Lekori was previously Lewahu, before his Turaga called him and held an Unofficial Naming Day for him right at his office.
  • ~Toa of Rahi~ is biosector obsesed, using it every single day, except the days he is'nt on the computer.

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