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About Trash Wiki!

Trash Wiki is a radical inclusionist wiki for rescuing articles from Wikipedia's deletionism. It is free to use and has no advertising. Trash Wiki is a kinder, gentlier wiki with a friendly community. See what is happening today at the recent changes. The project was started by User:Admin on 6 December 2019 and so far we still have to rescue articles. You should be able to actually either sign up or anomalously edit articles.

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Did you know...
  • that in 1894, the Ringkirche was the first Protestant church to follow the Wiesbadener Programm of Johannes Otzen, which focused on providing a clear view of the combined altar, pulpit, and organ areas (architect's sketch shown)?
  • that Mary van Kleeck, a social reformer and labor activist, was the first woman appointed to a position of authority in the American government during World War I?
  • that the metabolic rate of Rhoptropus bradfieldi is about a quarter of that of other desert lizards?
  • that following an injustice suffered by the British consul, Charles Sotheby trained his frigate's guns on the Bey of Rhodes' house and opened fire?
  • that the Lake, completed in 1858, was the first feature to be finished in New York City's Central Park?
  • that Leo Frobenius led 12 German Inner Africa Research Expeditions between 1904 and 1935?
  • that Filipino-born scientist Ye Zhupei founded chemical metallurgy in China, while his American wife became an English professor who taught the future Chinese foreign minister Li Zhaoxing?
  • that Katharine Hepburn is said to have encountered snakes in the living room of Misty Mountain?
On this day
  • 1780 – American Revolutionary War: British officer John André was captured by Patriot forces, thereby revealing a plot by Continental Army General Benedict Arnold to hand over West Point, New York.
  • 1803 – Maratha troops were defeated by forces of the British East India Company at the Battle of Assaye, one of the decisive battles of the Second Anglo-Maratha War.
  • 1952 – U.S. vice-presidential candidate Richard Nixon delivered the "Checkers speech" (pictured), one of the first political uses of television to appeal directly to the populace.
  • 2002 – The initial version of the Firefox web browser was released by the Mozilla Organization.
  • 2016 – Following a number of high-profile sexual assaults, major reforms were enacted to strengthen laws related to rape in Germany.
How does this project work?

Articles that are under discussion on Wikipedia are automatically copied here by editors like yourself. If the article is retained on Wikipedia the article is still to be remained on Trash Wiki. If the article is removed on Wikipedia we don't have to do anything here. So if an article is not deleted we won't delete the article here. But articles are often relisted for deletion again soon. You are welcome to sign up and help with the project.

It's okay (encouraged even) to edit articles here once they have definitely been deleted on Wikipedia (unlike DPv1), but it's advisable to wait until articles have been definitely deleted on Wikipedia. Like that you can still go into the history of an article and find your edits.

Click on the random page link to get an idea about what kind of stuff gets deleted on Wikipedia. A lot is great quality articles written by people who care and spent a lot of time on them, including research and adding references. Good luck with helping to expand this project, happy editing!

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