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For a merged pdf file of pages 38 and 39, see File:DOJ1-11-38.pdf.

There may be a better image here [1]

First of all, for some reason, the top lines at page 38 do not appear on page 39, I do not know why. I have added line numbers for clarity. All the text below is just guesswork of course, except for the lines which were not redacted on page 38.

This document appears to have been redacted using white tape in various places on both front and back, so on page 39 we see the bleed-through from what was written on page 38, some of which was covered up with tape on p. 38, and on page 38 we see the bleed-through from what was written on page 39 and subsequently covered up with tape.

I am thinking that "the list" we have here may be a list of topics under consideration for gathering documents for the dump. Notice what is not redacted:

      "memo for recording statements (AZ)"   This has to do with videotaping testimony in Arizona.  We got documents on that topic.
      "SDCA dealing with Carol"   Carol Lam, of course, and we have those documents.
      "AUSA phone call project"    Could this have to do with contacting various offices for matters such as Issa's complaints?  There was talk of a conference call with him, I believe.
      "Kevin Ryan - EARS - Margolis"  Those documents are among the dumped ones, too, if I'm not mistaken.

So . . . why the redactions? Are these matters that they might need to document . . . if . . . if they couldn't get away with not disclosing them?

For one thing, in your second line 1, it clearly reads "Thompson memo." (I am not seeing the 'Fred' before that; it may be something else.) The Thompson Memo was an ill-conceived set of principles put in place by Deputy AG Larry D. Thompson on Jan. 20, 2003 that prosecutors were required to consider when dealing with white collar crimes. These 'principles' ended up being so problematic that they have since been revised and replaced by the McNulty principles. Larry Thompson resigned in August of 2003, with some pecadilloes in his portfolio.

On your line 4, could that be "Rosen/Schlozman"? Schlozman replaced Todd Graves as USA in the western district of Missouri in mid March (?) of 2006, and has a history of voter supression and a reputation for driving away career lawyers in voting rights. (see TPM article on 3/23/07)

Title 21 deals with prescription drugs, controlled substances, and other chemicals, and was amended several times in the past few years.

Line 14 mentions USA's financial help. On June 24, 2006, Waxman and Conyers sent a letter to Gonzales voicing their concern about funds from USA budgets that forced them to minimize their prosecutions, staff, and even binder clips and envelopes! Did DOJ determine that it was OK to not send any documents on that because they originated from Waxman and Conyers in the first place?

What else was not sent? A/G priv. testimony? Info-sharing memo?

If this is indeed a list of DOJ issues of concern, it might help us decipher what remains to look at other legal matters that have come up under this administration.

If this is indeed a list of DOJ issues of concern, who would be giving a 'green light'? Or not.

I think the note in the upper right corner of p. 38 begins "Sandy (?) is looking for interns . . ."


The list:

  1. * Memo for recording statements (AZ)
  2. *
  3. ...
  4. * Rosen / ....... ....... (c....t)
  5. * SDCA - dealing w/ Carol
  6. SDAR - leadership [possible choices are SFAR, SDFL, SDTX, SDNY, SDGA]
  7. 57 App... (Spring)
  8. A/G priv. testimony
  9. Title 21. authoring(?) (Stuart position)
  10. * Info: sharing memo
  11. AUSA phone call project
  12. MEX. indictment or "investment"/"instrument"? copy of indictment)
  13. Byrds - LYE to follow up (status check) *
  14. USAs financial(?) help -- OK as current * [I am pretty sure this word is "help" and not "info", compare with other "f"s, e.g. in line 1]
  15. * Northern(?) - w....ks etc.
  16. ....... ...... ..tate . [middle word is usual?]
  17. * .. .. ...ter data [center data?]
  18. ... ..... .. - ......... ..AG
  19. George M Berg...t.s ["George N Berg...s"? 8/9-letter last name, Middle Initial could be H][About the last letter: note that the letter s usually looks different on this page, e.g. in line 1]
  20. Fred Thompson memo
  21. Kevin Regan - EARS - Margolis *
  22. ... PAX ... Resigned per Admin[seems very dubious to me, I don't see that at all]
  23. * [seems to have the same word as the word that starts the next line}
  24. B..don .as [I think the first letter might be a B, not a P, so the word is not Pardon] [another opinion: I'm not convinced that it doesn't start with "P"]
  25. ..t.i..m.s - we'll ['re] ... ... for team to try (fr. speculate
  26. DOJ space
  27. * .. ... case, prosecution ...ing ...... - ..... .. ... .... [F/Hiring Freeze?]
  28. .. ..... .... .........

(On line 4 my own conversion looks more clearly like "Rosen / ...." than "Resignation") I recently found this Jan 2004 blog post about Rosen Ashcroft and the worst USA firing yet! (Covertino)

In faint mirror image same line as DAG and just over "AZ" text appears to be:

  1. Computer Fax...
  2. --Ar.

with Ar. circled and leading to the following text, also in faint mirror image, appearing just above "The list:"

  1. green light...

Not sure what page these imprints would have come from...but green light seems interesting.(Sparkatus)

A near idiot-savant's attempt, hence the sand-box duplication (note, all previous editors' comments removed for clarity):

[Upper right hand corner]
ME to do
* ... Sc..dd's ... on ... 
... ... read or find?


The list:

*  Memo for recording statements (AZ)
* ... ... journalist
* Resignation ...
* SDCA - dealing w/ Carol
  ... der i...ing
  57 App... (Spring)
  A/G priv. testimony
  .. H. ... (Stuart position)
* Info: sharing memo
  AUSA phone call project
  MEX indictment  (copy of indictment)
  Byrds - LYE :. follow up (status check) * [checkmark]
  USAs financial help  -- OK as current * [checkmark]
* ... etc.
  Fr. newest  ...rand ...
* ... on center data
  ... ...stem m...
  George M Berg.... 
  Fred Thompson ...
  Kevin Regan - EARS - Margolis
  ... PAX ...
* ... 
  ..rdon ... 
  ... we're ... for team to try (fr. speculate
  ... you
* ... case, prosecution ... ....

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