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Totally Nourish stock a range of top quality health supplements from vitamins, health books and foods to skin care products. The skin care products sold are from manufacturers such as Beyond Organic, Akamuti and Environ and we have chosen these manufacturers as they have a strong understanding of only using organic items within their ranges. Products following this Totally Nourish recipe include uncut Shea butter and raw coconut oil skin creams.

Totally Nourish are the chosen retailer for Patrick Holford formulated supplements, including his popular low GL diet range and his most popular health books. All the supplements stocked by Totally Nourish are manufactured by Biocare considered by complimentary therapists to be the highest quality manufacturer in the industry.

The health foods stocked include low GI pasta and Xylitol - a natural sugar substitute as well as Mangosteen juice, which is a celebrity favourite.


Allergy Test Advice

Complementary therapists are linking more and more of their client's complaints to an overgrowth of the yeast Candida. With such a varied list of symptoms - that could all be a result of other problems - it can be difficult to diagnose. Some people suffer skin complaints while for others it affects digestion, causes constipation, thrush, weight loss, weight gain, low immune system, the list goes on.

And this is why we at Totally Nourish have chosen to sell the very informative Candida Antibody Test. This is a simple home testing kit - using saliva that will tell you whether you are suffering from a Candida overgrowth. As it is a relatively easy condition to treat, being able to find out for certain if this is what is causing your particular problem, is an extremely valuable exercise.

the holford low gl diet

As the preferred online supplier of the Patrick Holford range of supplements, we at Totally Nourish have access to some information that our competitors do not. For example, what supplements Patrick Holford himself takes on a daily basis. The answer is he takes Brain Food Pack and AGE Anti-oxidant. The Brain Food pack contains 28 days worth of AM and PM blister strips. Each strip contains his Optimum Nutrition Formula which is a multi-vitamin and mineral, Essential Omegas which is a blend of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, ImmuneC which is a vitamin C supplement with various other anti-oxidants such as Zinc, Ginger and Black Elderberry and Brain Food which is a blend of vitamins, phospholipids and other nutrients designed to help support memory, focus and concentration. AGE Antioxidant is a powerful blend of anti-oxidants, great for city dwellers that have extra oxidants to cope with. All these supplements can be found on the Totally Nourish website under Holford Range.

Kids Health

Totally Nourish is an online retailer of health products. We sell a range of products from health food and books to test-kits and supplements. We have a close relationship with the world renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford who has developed a range of supplements for a full spectrum of people. His range falls into 5 different categories: essentials, mind & mood, weight, body and children. In his children’s range at the moment there is his Optimum Nutrition for Children which is a premium vitamin and mineral supplement for children from 2 years old. There is also Get Up & Go for Children which is a very nutritious breakfast shake powder sweetened with xylitol and flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon that you mix with fruit and milk. It is very slow releasing so you know your children won’t be hungry again until lunch time. All of the products within the Holford range, including these children’s products, are available from

Food Glorious Food Recipe Book

We all know that we should be healthier. A lot of us know at least the first steps we need to take to make it so. But it does often mean sacrificing things we like and it can be hard. It often seems like a lot of health professionals don’t understand that. They are so passionate about being healthy, that they forget that for some people it’s more of a struggle to make the break. At Totally Nourish we do understand that. We try to encourage healthier lifestyles through knowledge, but also through finding healthy foods that also taste delicious, so it isn’t about sacrificing but about finding something better. In line with this thinking, we sell a fantastic recipe book called Food Glorious Food. All the recipes are very healthy and follow the concept of low-GL but they are absolutely delicious. The photography in the book is amazing and it makes every dish look absolutely mouth watering.

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