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The Fylgia Project is an artificial mythology project made by Carlos Miguel Albuquerque.

[edit] Overview

Unlike other of Carlos' projects, this one focus on a fictional religion, a kind of neopaganic religion named Fylgism (divided into two branches, the Orthodox and the Reformed), after its deities (the Fylgia), which are in turn inspired by a creature from the norse mythology.

Fylgism is a semi-polytheistic religion; the creator god is Pythonia, a female entity not unlike Gaia. Besides her, there are other six ruling deities, responsible over an aspect of human nature or over a part of the universe:

The two branches of Fylgism interpretate the gods in a different way; in the Orthodox Fylgism, they are seen as separated entities from each other, and the interactions between the different gods are the focus of the Fylgian Mythology; however, the Reformed branch is somewhat monotheistic, as they interpret the main gods as being different aspects of a single deity, Pythonia. Besides the Fylgia, there's also some lower deities, akin to the angels from abrahamic religions:

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