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Buick at Young Soul Rebels Records & Tapes

Dave Buick is a Detroit musician, producer, record label owner, and self-confessed "record geek". He runs Italy Records and co-owns Young Soul Rebels Records, and has also played bass guitar for The Go and The Wolfman Band.

Buick founded Italy Records in 1997, and released its first 7" by Rocket 455 on October 31 of that year. The label notably went on to release the first two 7"s by The White Stripes, "Let's Shake Hands" and "Lafayette Blues". Italy Records has also put out releases from The Soledad Brothers, The Greenhornes, The Hentchmen, and The Go, among others.

As of 2008, Buick lives in a Woodbridge home built in 1896, adorned with art from local friends like Dion Fischer and Brendan Benson as well a profile of Jack White in 1999 on his living room wall. The home has also hosted many touring bands such as Redd Kross, The Strokes, and The Ponys.


  • "The reason I got into the White Stripes is they were a lot like the Gories. I was at the first two White Stripes shows and the majority of the fans were outside the Gold Dollar while they were playing -- there were maybe 20 or 30 people inside when they went on. That first year, they were always the first out of three (on a bill), and there'd be hardly anyone there -- me and a few people. People would complain about Jack sounding whiny or whatever. I'd told all these people, "You gotta come see the White Stripes," and they were like, "Nah, the singer annoys me. He whines -- it's annoying." And then a couple of months later, they were saying, "Man, I've been listening to it, and this stuff is really, really good.""

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