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Splitting followers

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When buying Followers, a character may more efficiently purchase Followers of differing point scales by splitting Followers.
This rule modifies Followers, Hero System Fifth Edition Revised page(s) 81-82.

Characters may buy Followers of varying Base Point values more efficiently by splitting Followers. When buying groups of Followers, any number of Followers' Base Point values may be reduced by 25 Points, doubling the number of Followers at the lower point level. For instance, a single 100-Point Follower may be split into two 75-Point Followers, four 50-Point Followers, or eight 25-Point Followers. In this way a group of high-point Followers may be subdivided into larger numbers of Followers at lower point levels.

A player spends 25 Character Points to get two 100-Point Followers. He divides one of the 100-Point Followers into two 75-Point Followers. One of these he further divides into four 25-Point Followers. Thus for his 25 Character Points he has Followers: 1x100 Points, 1x75 Points, and 4x25 Points.
The character purchases these Followers... 100 Pts (x2) 100-Point Follower (20 Pts), x2 (+5 pts). Total cost: 25 Points.
...and splits them into these point levels. 100 Pts (x1) 75 Pts (x2) Split one 100-Point Follower.
75 Pts (x1) 50 Pts (x2) Split one 75-Point Follower.
25 Pts (x4) Split two 50-Point Followers.
Later when spending Experience Points, the player decides he wants more Followers, and he wants the 25-Point Followers increased to 50 Points. First he recombines the 4x25 Points into 2x50 Points. Then he spends 5 Experience Points to double his 100-Point Followers, giving him two more at that level. One he divides into 2x75 Points, and the other he divides into 4x50 Points, which he adds to the Followers he had before. On his character sheet he has now spent 30 Character Points to get Followers: 1x100 Points, 3x75 Points, and 6x50 Points.
The character purchases these Followers... 100 Pts (x4) 100-Point Follower (20 Pts), x4 (+10 pts). Total cost: 30 Points.
...and splits them into these point levels. 100 Pts (x1) 75 Pts (x6) Split three 100-Point Followers.
75 Pts (x3) 50 Pts (x6) Split three 75-Point Followers.

Note that a character may also increase the point value of all his Followers at once by 25 Points, rather than increasing the number of Followers, by spending another 5 Character Points on the Perk. This raises the value of the highest level by 25 Points, therefore raising each of the lower levels by 25 Points as well.

You may not reduce your main character's value by 25 Points to get two characters at that level. This rule is not a cheap way to buy Duplication.

A note on the logic behind this: Normally when buying Followers, it is necessary to buy each point group separately. Thus one 100-Point Follower and four 50-Point Followers would cost 40 Character Points (20 for 1x100 Points, 10 for 1x50 Points, +10 for x4). However, these same 40 Character Points could buy sixteen 100-Point Followers (20 for 1x100 Points, +20 for x16), which is clearly the better deal. The equivalence of cost to the character for Followers 1x100 Points, 2x75 Points, 4x50 Points, 8x25 Points, each of which costs 20 Character Points, justifies the 25 Points per doubling rule.

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