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Spellbook of Jeremy

From Stormravengaming

This spellbook represents the campaign-specific bonus of summon nature's ally I-IX (arcane). The divine focus for these spells is replaced in the arcane version with any non-worked natural object that could be considered totemic by the standards of the character. Jeremy's natural totem is a burl of pepperwood. Casting times reflect Jeremy's casting time.

Volume I

Spells Pages
0 acid splash (VS/s), arcane mark (VS/s), dancing lights (VS/s), daze (VSM: wool or similar substance/s), detect magic (VS/s), detect poison (VS/s), disrupt undead (VS/s), flare (V/s), ghost sound (VSM: bit of wool or lump of wax/s), light (VSM: firefly or piece of phosphorescent moss/s), mage hand (VS/s), mending (VS/s), message (VSF: short piece of copper wire/s), open/close (VSF: brass key/s), prestidigitation (VS/s), ray of frost (VS/s), read magic (VSF: prism/s), resistance (VSM: miniature cloak/s), touch of fatigue (VSM: drop of sweat/s) 19
1 mage armor (VSF: piece of cured leather/s), burning hands (VS/s), true strike (VF: small wood replica of archery target/s), summon monster I1 (VSF: tiny bag & small candle/s), summon nature's ally I (arcane)1 (VSF: divine/s), magic missile (VS/s), mount1 (VSM: horse hair/r), alarm (VSF: tiny bell, fine silver wire/s), reduce person (VSM: pinch of powdered iron/r) 9
2 bull's strength (VSM: hair or dung of bull/s), invisibility, summon nature's ally II (arcane)1 (VSF: divine/s), summon monster II1 (VSF: tiny bag & small candle/s) 8
3 summon monster III1, summon nature's ally III (arcane)1, fireball (VSM: bat guano & sulfur/s), dispel magic (VS/s) 12
4 summon monster IV1, summon nature's ally IV (arcane)1, black tentacles, stoneskin, greater invisibility, arcane eye 24
5 summon monster V1, summon nature's ally V (arcane)1, cloudkill, passwall 15
Blank pages 3

1 This spell is a conjuration (calling) or conjuration (summoning) spell.

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