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"Shining Talon" Mandus"Shining Talon" Mandus/blurbAbraxas, Guardian of the Universe
Ace of WandsAdjudioAdjustments to characteristic maxima
Adjustments to characteristic maxima/blurbAerviAkron, Ohio
Alexandria, VirginiaAliasAltered standard effect rule values
Altered standard effect rule values/blurbAngel (TV show)Angel City, California
Atlantic City, New JerseyAutoman (TV show)Azgar Ankelm
Azgar Ankelm/blurbBar Harbor, MaineBattle at the Galenvale Dells
Battle at the Galenvale Dells/blurbBellevue, WashingtonBenn
Berkeley, CaliforniaBernard (cleric)Beyond Westworld
Bigfoot and WildboyBlack Scorpion (TV show)Bloodstorm
Bloody MalloryBobBozeman, Montana
Broos and StiivBru LeBru Le/blurb
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Captain HengCaptain TrevenCarlin
CarnivàleCentral Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency (TV Superheroes)
Central Security ServiceChandaraCharlie Jade (TV show)
CharmedChicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois (TV Superheroes)Cleveland, OhioClint (sailor)
Cloak of the RealmClone construct
Combat Expertise works with Aid AnotherCombat Expertise works with Aid Another/blurbCombat skill levels for OCV
Combat skill levels for OCV/blurbCosta Verde, CaliforniaCurse of the Puppet Master
DareshDeylenDnD templates
DorriganDresslerDungeons & Dragons System Portal
Dungeons and Dragons System PortalEarly EditionEberron (Stormraven)
Eberron (Stormraven)/blurbEncyclopedia Alchema
Federal Bureau of InvestigationFloating Island
Forever KnightFornalisFutureworld
GalenvaleGallup, New Mexico
Galway, IrelandGemini Man (TV show)Geoff (character)
GeolaneGhostbustersGhostbusters 2
Glavnoe Razvedyvatel'noe UpravlenieGolden DawnGolden Knight Garo (TV show)
Good vs. EvilGoryGray Burng
Great DesertGreatclub of the RealmGreze
HalanHard Time on Planet EarthHeader
Her Name Is CatHero System PortalHero System templates
Hero at LargeHeroesHex
Highlander: the RavenHighlander: the SeriesHilgard
Hong KongHouse Rules (Princes of the Universe Mark IV)Image logo url
Improvements for masterwork armorImprovements for masterwork armor/blurbJake 2.0
Javelin of the RealmJeremy (character)Jeremy (character)/blurb
John Doe (TV show)Jonathan
Ka FonzoKadish
Keeping Stone maceKermit, TexasKiltro
Kingdoms of Kalamar (gmtarondor)
Kingdoms of Kalamar (gmtarondor)/blurbKingsportKnight Rider
Knish nomadsKoi... Mil GayaKomitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti
Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (TV Superheroes)Kondo Koji/blurbKrrish
Lady UnifelleLand of the Lost (1974)Land of the Lost (1991)
LanettLangley, VirginiaLas Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada (TV Superheroes)Legacy of the Silver ShadowLesciande
List of shows included in TV SuperheroesLondon, EnglandLongbow of the Realm
Los Angeles, CaliforniaM.A.N.T.I.S.
MI5MacGyverMain Page
Man from Atlantis (TV show)Manimal (TV show)
Master Cho-LunMaster KwaiMaster Thurgold
Memphis, TennesseeMerlinMidland, Texas
MileadMilly (wench)Misfits of Science
Monty Python d20Mr. Merlin (TV show)Mr. Rushmore
NarafNate ReynoldsNate Reynolds/blurb
National Security AgencyNational Security Agency (TV Superheroes)
National Security CouncilNegative penalty skill levelsNegative penalty skill levels/blurb
Nesto AlvaradoNesto Alvarado's truckNesto Alvarado/blurb
New York CityNew York City (TV Superheroes)Night's Whisper letters
Night Man (TV show)Nightmare CafeNondescript
Nonlethal coup de graceNonlethal coup de grace/blurbNonspam
NorthstarNow and AgainOak View, Michigan
Oakland, CaliforniaOcean Girl (TV show)Odessa, Texas
OknoshOrder of the Silken GloveOur Manager Handles That
Package deal bonusPackage deal bonus/blurbParma, Italy
Pathway of Myrlem (campaign)Pathway of Myrlem (campaign)/blurbPaul
PetePhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Portland, OregonPowered SisterPrague
Primm, NevadaPrinces of the Universe Mark IVPrinces of the Universe Mark IV/blurb
Psionics are differentPsionics are different/blurb
Puppet MasterPuppet Master: the LegacyPuppet Master 2
Puppet Master 3: Toulon's RevengePuppet Master 4Puppet Master 5: the Final Chapter
Puppet Master vs Demonic ToysQuantum LeapQuest of the Coin
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (1969)Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (2000)Rasputin
Ready action does not change InitiativeReady action does not change Initiative/blurbRebecca Ravenstone
Rebecca Ravenstone/blurbRedgullyReduced Ride DC to stay in the saddle
Reduced Ride DC to stay in the saddle/blurbReduced cost for lightning reflexesReduced cost for lightning reflexes/blurb
Retro Puppet MasterRice Paper WalkRice Paper Walk/blurb
RobertRome, ItalyRose Hearth Inn
RoswellSaja dor NarsinSan Francisco, California
Santa Fe, New MexicoScarlett (TV show)
Seattle, WashingtonSeattle, Washington (TV Superheroes)Senoji
Sentinels of the True WaySergeant KarockSergeant Solo
Shield of the RealmShinSilver Hawk
SlapstickSnow in AugustSouth Bend, Indiana
Special Unit 2Spellbook of JeremySpellbook of Presto I
Spellbook of Presto IISpellbook of Presto IIISpellbook of Presto IV
Spellbook of Presto VSplitting followersSplitting followers/blurb
Spokane, WashingtonStarman (TV show)
Strange LuckSunnydale, CaliforniaSupernatural
TV SuperheroesTV Superheroes/blurbTV Superheroes Timeline
Taking 10 on Attack RollsTamlin Passes the LadyTanni
Tara BrightgemTarharathTarharath's psicrystal
Tarharath/blurbTeam Knight RiderTessellated
Texcoco, MexicoThe Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.The Agency
The Bionic WomanThe ChampionsThe Chronicle
The Clone MasterThe Dresden FilesThe Fall of Suleyman
The Greatest American HeroThe Greatest American HeroineThe Immortal
The Invisible Man (1958)The Invisible Man (1975)The Invisible Man (2000)
The Lost RoomThe Master (TV show)The Monster Squad
The OfficialThe Omega FactorThe Others
The Perils of SuperleapThe PhoenixThe Powers of Matthew Star
The PretenderThe RealmThe Sentinel (TV show)
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