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Shield of the Realm

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Image:EricDodgesTomatoes.jpg Eric hides behind the Shield of the Realm
to avoid flying tomatoes.

The Shield of the Realm functions as a +5 heavy steel shield. It is a classic heater shield whose surface has the appearance of polished copper. In the center of the shield is a white eagle's head superimposed over a black circle. When equipped, the Shield of the Realm communicates its other functions to its wielder.

The wielder and all of his allies within 5 feet gain a +7 shield bonus to armor class. This bonus does not stack with any shield bonus any ally may already have. This effect functions continuously as long as the Shield is equipped, even when the wielder would normally lose the shield bonus to Armor Class conferred by the Shield (such as when making a shield bash attack).

The wielder of the Shield may raise a wall of force surrounding a 10-foot cube in exactly the same manner as if using a cube of force (Dungeon Master's Guide p253), including the number of charges available and expended. The wall of force raised by the Shield has the effect corresponding to the number of charges expended, plus the cumulative effect of all lower-charge options. That is, if the wielder of the Shield expends 3 charges to block living matter, the wall of force also blocks non-living matter and gases without the use of any more charges. (The cube of force functions in this way as well, but it is not explicitly stated.)

If a spellcaster targets the wielder of the Shield of the Realm with a targeted, non-area, non-touch spell, and if the wielder has an action readied for the purpose, he may reflect the spell as though he were the subject of a spell turning (Player's Handbook p282). This effect has instantaneous duration, affecting only the spell that provoked the use of the readied action.

The magic enchanting the Shield of the Realm is focused on defending, not attacking. It confers no bonus to attack or damage rolls made in attempting a shield bash attack.

The Shield of the Realm cannot be damaged or destroyed by any common means.

Strong abjuration and evocation; CL 20th; Crafting requirements unknown; Market Price –; Cost to Create –; 15 lb.

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