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Longbow of the Realm

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Image:HankDrawsBow.jpg Hank draws an energy arrow with the Longbow of the Realm.

The Longbow of the Realm, also called the energy bow due to the distinctive appearance of its ammunition, acts as a +5 longbow. The bow appears to be an ordinary wooden recurve bow with no bowstring. When grasped by the grip, the Longbow instructs its wielder in the use of its powers.

When the wielder reaches for the place where the string would be and draws the bow, a glowing bowstring and arrow appear. The Longbow of the Realm has the following weapon statistics (which include the weapon's enhancement bonus to damage):

Weapon Cost Size Damage Critical Range
Type Weight
Martial Weapon
Ranged Weapon
+5 longbow M 1d4+6 * x3 100 ft. Bludgeoning and Piercing 3

Though the arrow appears to be made of energy, it does not deliver energy damage. Instead it does a minimum of 1d4+6 bludgeoning and piercing damage. For every two character levels (or Hit Dice) beyond the first, the damage increases by 1d4+1: 2d4+7 at 3rd level, 3d4+8 at 5th level, 4d4+9 at 7th level, and a maximum of 5d4+10 at 9th level or higher. (These numbers include the weapon's enhancement bonus.) In addition, the wielder adds his Strength modifier to the weapon's damage. Unlike composite longbows, the wielder of the Longbow of the Realm never takes a penalty for having less Strength than the bow's Strength rating, as the Longbow of the Realm does not have a Strength rating.

The Longbow of the Realm may not be used to fire any ammunition except the arrows it creates. There is no limit to the number of arrows the Longbow can produce, except that it can produce only one arrow at a time, so it cannot be used with the Manyshot feat.

An attack made with the Longbow of the Realm is made as a ranged touch attack, and the target gains no benefit from cover or concealment (except total cover or concealment) against the attack. The wielder of the Longbow acts as though he has the Precise Shot feat, even if he doesn't have the feat or meet its prerequisite, but only for attacks made with the Longbow of the Realm.

The wielder of the Longbow may use it to bind a target rather than deal damage. With a successful ranged touch attack, a single Large or smaller creature can be captured and held immobile until the wielder wills otherwise. The target can break its bindings with a successful DC 15 Strength check or escape them with a successful DC 15 Escape Artist check.

The wielder of the Longbow may also use it to daze a creature rather than damage or bind it. With a successful ranged touch attack, the target is affected as by the spell daze monster (Will save DC 13).

The Longbow may be used to start small fires, even though it does not deal fire damage. It cannot be damaged or destroyed by any common means.

Strong conjuration and evocation; CL 20th; Crafting requirements unknown; Market Price –; Cost to Create –; 3 lb.

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