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Image:TV_current.png This article contains information about a currently running television series.
Information may change rapidly as more episodes are released.
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Air Dates 2006-2007
Continuity Dates 2006

Heroes is a science-fiction drama series that follows the stories of several people who are developing inexplicable superpowers, possibly the result of a common genetic anomaly. As they explore their new abilities – some eagerly, some less so – their paths cross. The first season saw the characters focused on averting a nuclear explosion predicted to occur in New York City on Wednesday, November 8, 2006, and on stopping the villain Sylar.

Within the scope of Heroes, people have developed and displayed superpowers – usually referred to simply as "special abilities" or "gifts" – for centuries, with no apparent instigating cause. For instance, Takezo Kensei, a 16th century samurai, had the ability to heal from physical wounds, suggesting that these abilities are a long-established aspect of the world.



Central Characters

  • Claire Bennet – High school cheerleader with the ability to rapidly heal from any injury. Biological daughter of Meredith Gordon and Nathan Petrelli; adopted daughter of Noah and Sandra Bennet. [1]
  • Noah Bennet – Claire's adoptive father, an employee of Copy Kingdom in Costa Verde, California. Formerly part of the Company, now in hiding from them. Husband of Sandra Bennet; adoptive father of Claire Bennet. [2]
  • Claude – Drifter in New York City with the ability to become completely invisible. Mentor to Peter Petrelli. Used to work with Noah Bennet in the Company, but turned against them, escaped in 1999, and was presumed dead until 2006.
  • The Haitian – Usually-silent former companion to Noah Bennet. Has the ability to neutralize others' powers and to erase memories. Now in hiding from the Company. [3]
  • Hiro Nakamura – Japanese salaryman from Tokyo, Japan, with the ability to bend time and space, allowing him to travel through time, stop or slow time, and teleport great distances. Carries the katana of Takezo Kensei. Kaito Nakamura's son; Kimiko Nakamura's brother. [4]
  • Matt ParkmanNew York City police officer with the ability to read people's minds. Investigating the Company, together with Mohinder Suresh. Guardian of Molly Walker. [5]
  • Nathan Petrelli – Former politician from New York City with the ability to fly. Son of Angela Petrelli; older brother of Peter Petrelli; biological father of Claire Bennet. [6]
  • Peter Petrelli – Former hospice nurse from New York City with the ability to duplicate and manifest others' powers. Also has clairsentient and precognitive dreams. Currently in Ireland, suffering memory loss. Son of Angela Petrelli; younger brother of Nathan Petrelli. [7]
  • Micah Sanders – Child from Las Vegas, Nevada, with an ability to control electronic devices, working or not. Currently living with relatives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Son of D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders. [8]
  • Niki Sanders – Internet stripper from Las Vegas, Nevada, with an alternate personality, Jessica. When Jessica is in control, she possesses great strength and fighting skill. Wife of D.L. Hawkins; mother of Micah Sanders. [9]
  • Mohinder Suresh – Geneticist and researcher from India looking for people with superhuman powers. Working with Noah Bennet and Matt Parkman to destroy the Company. Son of Chandra Suresh; guardian of Molly Walker. [10]
  • Sylar – Former watchmaker with the ability to understand how things work and to steal the abilities of others after killing them. Actually named Gabriel Gray. Currently in Mexico, suffering the loss of his abilities. [11]
  • Molly Walker – Child with the ability to locate any superpowered individual on the planet. Haunted by "the nightmare man." Ward of Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh. [12]

Peripheral Characters

  • Lyle Bennet – Claire Bennet's younger brother.
  • Sandra Bennet – Claire Bennet's adoptive mother and Mr. Bennet's husband.
  • Angela Bromstad – TV reporter for Odessa's channel 5 news.
  • Roxana Castillo – Newspaper reporter for the Odessa Register (as of 1992).
  • Meredith Gordon – Woman from Kermit, Texas, with the ability to generate fire. Claire Bennet's biological mother. Falsely believed to have died in an explosion in 1992, after which Claire (then 18 months old) was adopted by Noah Bennet.
  • S. R. Gustavson – Former agent of the Nevada Gaming Commission. Involved in a criminal plot with Hope, then double-crossed by her. Captured following a shootout in Primm, Nevada, and now in state custody.
  • Audrey HansonFBI agent formerly working with Matt Parkman in pursuit of Sylar.
  • Hope – Showgirl from Las Vegas, Nevada. Double-crossed her partner in crime, S.R. Gustavson. Captured in Primm, Nevada, and currently in state custody.
  • Sanjog Iyer – Indian boy with the ability to communicate with people through their dreams. Something of a spirit guide.
  • Ando Masahashi – Hiro Nakamura's coworker and traveling companion.
  • Mira – Genetic researcher in India. Friend to Mohinder Suresh.
  • Kimiko Nakamura – Executive at Yamagato Industries. Hiro Nakamura's sister.
  • Janice Parkman – Matt Parkman's ex-wife and mother of a child by another man.
  • Angela Petrelli – Nathan and Peter Petrelli's mother.
  • Heidi Petrelli – Nathan Petrelli's wife, wheelchair-bound following a traffic accident caused by Mr. Linderman's men; later healed by Linderman.
  • Hal Sanders – Niki Sanders' estranged, once drunken and abusive father. Probably responsible for his daughter Jessica's death.
  • Doctor Henry Strauss – Microbiologist in Tanzania who discovered a way to turn harmless bacteria deadly.
  • Doctor Witherson – Psychiatrist in a mental hospital. Niki Sanders' doctor. Attacked and seriously injured by Niki's alter-ego, Jessica.
  • Zach – Claire Bennet's classmate and friend, one of the few who know about her power.

Deceased Characters

  • Agent AlonzoFBI agent killed by Niki Sanders (as Jessica) while investigating Mr. Linderman.
  • Charlie Andrews – Waitress in Midland, Texas, with the ability to quickly memorize any information. Killed by Sylar.
  • Candice – Woman with the power to create realistic visual illusions. Killed by Sylar in Mexico.
  • Brian Davis – Telekinetic man in New York City. Killed by Sylar, the first of his victims.
  • Charles Deveaux – Simone Deveaux's father and Peter Petrelli's patient. Died of natural causes.
  • Simone Deveaux – Art dealer in New York City. Isaac Mendez's ex-girlfriend, and Peter Petrelli's current girlfriend. Accidentally shot and killed by Mendez. [13]
  • Hana Gitelman – Former Mossad intelligence agent with the ability to transceive and decrypt any wireless signal and to communicate telepathically with any computer or other wireless-equipped device. Died bringing down the Company's tracking satellite. [14]
  • D.L. Hawkins – Ex-convict with the ability to phase through solid objects. Niki Sanders' husband and Micah Sanders' father. Shot and killed by Mr. Linderman. [15]
  • Mr. Linderman – Overlord of a powerful crime syndicate and leader of the Company. Had the ability to heal others' injuries. Killed by D.L. Hawkins.
  • Eden McCain – Cohort of Mr. Bennet. Had the ability to make others obey her spoken commands. Formerly known as Sarah Ellis, from Los Angeles, California. Killed herself to prevent Sylar from taking her ability. [16]
  • Aaron Malsky – Lawyer. Worked for Mr. Linderman. Killed by Niki Sanders (as Jessica, working as a hired assassin for Linderman) for stealing from Linderman.
  • Isaac Mendez – Painter and former drug addict with the ability to paint future events. Lived in New York City. Killed by Sylar. [17]
  • Kaito Nakamura – CEO of Yamagato Industries. Member of the Company, and superior to Noah Bennet. Father of Hiro and Kimiko Nakamura. Killed in New York City.
  • Agent QuesadaFBI agent killed by Niki Sanders (as Jessica) while investigating Mr. Linderman.
  • Jessica Sanders (1976-1987) – Niki Sanders' sister, probably killed by their abusive father Hal.
  • Dale Smither – Mechanic near Bozeman, Montana, able to hear incredibly faint or distant sounds. Killed by Sylar.
  • Karen Gallagher Sprague – Ted Sprague's wife. Died of cancer caused by the radiation her husband generated.
  • Theodore Sprague – Medical equipment salesman with the ability to project heat and radiation to devastating effect, even to the point of creating a nuclear explosion. Killed by Sylar. [18]
  • Chandra Suresh – Geneticist and researcher seeking out people with superhuman abilities. Awakened Sylar to his abilities. Killed by Sylar.
  • Shanti Suresh – Chandra Suresh's daughter and Mohinder's older sister, who died at a very young age from a virus that affects only those with superpowers. Had an unrevealed ability that set Chandra on his path.
  • Takezo Kensei – 16th century samurai with the ability to heal from any wound. Owned the katana that Hiro Nakamura now seeks.
  • Zane Taylor – Resident of Virginia Beach, Virginia, with the ability to turn any solid to liquid without changing its temperature. Killed by Sylar.
  • Jackie Wilcox – High school cheerleader at Union Wells High School. Former friend of Claire Bennet. Killed by Sylar, who thought she was Claire.


  • Mr. Muggles – Sandra Bennet's pet dog, an unsuccessful pomeranian show dog.


  • The Company – mysterious organization that abducts, studies and tracks superpowered individuals. It assesses the threat posed by each individual's power and mercilessly eliminates those it deems dangerous to society. The company is ruthless in maintaining its own secrecy, and it willingly engages in "morally gray" acts "to keep people safe." It was led by twelve superpowered individuals, of whom eight remain alive.
  • Linderman Group – Purpose unknown, but known to provide or sponsor museum replicas. Tied to Mr. Linderman.




  • Pneumatic radioisotope tracking gun – Injects a radioactive isotope for purposes of tracking wild animals. Leaves a black scar in the shape of an equal sign (=). Used by Mr. Bennet's organization to track superpowered people.
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