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Cloak of the Realm

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Image:SheilaWithCloak.jpg Sheila becomes invisible using the Cloak of the Realm.

This hooded blue cloak of fine fabric is also known as the cloak of invisibility. When the Cloak is donned, the wearer gains an intuitive understanding of how to use it. By pulling up the hood of the Cloak, the user may make himself and his gear invisible as the spell greater invisibility (Player's Handbook p245). While invisible, the wearer of the Cloak may also blink at will as the spell (Player's Handbook p206). Activating or deactivating the blink effect is a free action.

Once per day while the hood is raised, the wearer of the Cloak of the Realm may activate an ethereal jaunt as the spell (Player's Handbook p227). This effect has a maximum duration of one minute, or the wearer may end it earlier as a free action.

As long as the Cloak is worn, whether the wearer is invisible or not, he is under a continuous nondetection effect as the spell (Player's Handbook p257). Also as long as the Cloak is worn, the wearer gains a +10 bonus to Climb, Disable Device, Hide, Move Silently, Open Lock, Search, and Sleight of Hand checks. The wearer may use these skills as though trained, even if he has no ranks in them. The wearer also gains the rogue's Trapfinding ability (Player's Handbook p50).

The Cloak of the Realm cannot be damaged or destroyed by any common means.

Strong illusion and transmutation; CL 20th; Crafting requirements unknown; Market Price –; Cost to Create –; 1 lb.

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