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A wannarexic is a girl who wants to look anorexic, but does not have any of the psychological symptoms associated with the disorder. They can be found on pro-ana discussion groups, saying things like "I'm 5'4 and 100 pounds, omg I just eat 3 pieces of celery every day. Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan are my thinspiration!" Wannarexics consider anorexia a lifestyle choice, when it actually is a disorder of the brain. In acting as if anorexia is something one can consciously "join," they trivialize a real psychological disorder, which angers those who live with anorexia such as Tamaranyc.


Above: Typical pro-ana "thinspiration"

Wannarexics for the most part are motivated by a desire to look like rail-thin models and actresses because they consider the look attractive. Actual anorexics are motivated by a psychological disorder which, among other things, makes them perceive their bodies as being fatter than they really are (body dysmorphic disorder). They know they are not cute and typically do not desire to be, wannarexics are the exact opposite.

Wannarexics do not have an eating disorder, per se. They are just stupid and misguided. The general public often lumps wannarexics together with actual anorexics and bulimics, due to some common traits such as perfectionism or control issues. True anorexia is not a very common disorder, whereas wannarexia is exploding due to media exposure and pro-ana sites.

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