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Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

A fantastic American television show which explores deep, hard-hitting issues of the day in a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. Many Speakeasy members past and present could be possible Jerry Springer Show guest candidates. Currently, Jerry Springer is seeking the following guests:

  • Are you living a double life, hiding a secret or is there someone in your life you hate?
  • Is your marriage falling apart because of cheating? Do you want to confront that person on our show?
  • Are you too ѕеxy for regular TV? Want to be a part of Jerry Springer's Pay-Per-View?
  • Do you need the Springer Show to come to your trailer park?
  • Are you not willing to give your ex a divorce and still want to work things out?
  • Are you angry with a family member whose unusual lifestyle is destroying the peace in your life?
  • Are you a man who lives as a woman or a woman who lives as a man?
  • Do you know a STRIPPER, ESCORT, or ADULT FILM ACTRESS? Do you want them to QUIT their ѕеxy JOB?
  • Are you trying to choose between 2 or more lovers?
  • Are you a transѕеxual who has a story to tell?

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