The Grocer

From Speakeasy

AKA The Groper, now mostly found on VNN where he appears to be having a slow but very entertaining nervous breakdown.

As designated Speakeasy Destroyer of Muds, The Grocer has grappled with Anunnaki, Generator, and various others as he proceeds on his mission of verbally culling the chafe from the glorious White Race. He does this with grace, dignity, and a verbal acuity that leaves the lesser races tongue tied and baffled.

His astounding talent as a debater brought him no recognition, however; The Grocer sorely resented his exclusion as "Poster of the Year" for 2005, and began investigating disturbing reports of a "Speakeasy Party Line."

Despite these troubles The Grocer was and is a valued member of the Speakeasy crew. The Grocer was the first member to receive the Medal of Devotion to the Aryan Cause from noted mud Vinnie Cee, after which he killed and ate the unfortunate man, and then staked his head to a pole outside of a reservation as a "show of power."

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