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Possibly the most universally respected poster on Speakeasy, Sainte-Marthe is a grad student at an unnamed university in the north eastern part of the United States.

An aficionado of literature, art and philosophy, Sainte-Marthe is well suited to her role as moderator of the high culture forum; alternately, her love of ramen noodles, microwaveable burritoes and wine - LOTS of wine - is also an essential part of her personality.

Known for her dry and witty posting style - which, depending on just HOW much wine she's had often degenerates into strange whimsy - Sainte-Marthe is highly prized on a forum that can often turn into a sausage party.

There is also a great deal of speculation about Sainte-Marthe on the part of some posters, with many of them falling helplessly for her online charms - Bigglesloth, SteamshipTime and Jaybird have all become tongue tied boys around her at one time or another, others doffing their hats and pulling their forelocks respectfully as she regally and tipsily passes by on the internet.

Alternately the Dorothy Parker and/or Flannery O'Connor of SE - depending on how drunk she is.

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