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A very occasional poster on Speakeasy, Frazier Glenn Miller (aka "Traitor Glenn Miller")is a self proclaimed leader in the "White Nationalist" movement.

The 66 year old ex army soldier is a late comer to the internet after years spent marching officiously in parades, turning up resplendent ion uniform for interviews, and "naming the Jew," his favorite activity after binge drinking. Many members of Speakeasy and other related boards distrust Miller for fingering members of The Order to government agents after the paramilitary group gave him approximately $250,000 as seed money for starting the White Patriot Party.

Found cowering in his motor home by government agents looking for members of The Order, Miller agreed to suspend his all important Jew naming and parade marching by meekly naming names.

After drifting for a number of years following these events, Miller turned up with Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, for whom he solicits funds for The Aryan Alternative as the distribution manager. His catch prase while doing so has become much parodied in certain circles: "send me some freakin' money!!"

His public humiliation and blacklisting hasn't prevented him from engaging in flame wars, or ceaselessly proslytising for the Aryan Alternative and VNN; his appearances on The Phora have become almost legendary, and he's carried over a number of feuds from VNN on to Speakeasy, most specifically with [1]Intrepid. When he shows up on Speakeasy it's usually to try and coax members over to VNN, but often it just turns into a free for all with members querying Miller on his "Polynesian Love Child," a young girl born of a passionate love tryst with a non white woman.

Miller also has long feuded with now jailed Phora member and Christian Identity leader Martin Lindstedt, with both at one point agreeing to meet for a fist fight in a Walmart parking lot in Granby, Missouri.

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