Emperor palpatine

From Speakeasy

Also known as weikel or kikel, Emperor palpatine is known for his praise of the Chinese, as well as his dislike of all things Islamic and Catholic. Proponent of the Evil wizards theory of global politics. He is a frequent target of abuse from both 1-800 and Reichsjager. A slight and bookish lad, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of photographic equipment and Ming era Chinese jade dildo's.

SteamshipTime on weikel

I am picturing this gangly six foot nerd with a can of Sprite in his hand wearing running shoes and a too-small sports jacket with the collar turned up, bobbing and swaying and telling his buds, "This is the 'Stray Cat Strut!,'" as they frantically run to the corners of the room. - SteamshipTime

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