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Anunnaki, also known as anunookie, is a female member of Speakeasy who resides in Sweden and is of Lor descent (Iran). Her goals in life are to destroy the Nordish race through miscegenation (she's already stolen one Nord and made him a husband), to irritate the male members of SE through gross images of men's crotches in her sigs, and to become the official SE forum slut.

Rumored to have big boobs (only Niccolo and Donkey has seen them), Anunnaki's main nemeses on SE are The Grocer (who in his capacity as Destroyer of Muds has denounced her as a "mud") and Johnny Turk with whom she trades insults over the alleged aryanness of the obviously transvestite Turkish "females" that Johnny Turk posts on the Biggles' Babes Thread. She has admitted to dreaming about giving Niccolo a blowjob. True.

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