Ahmed and Camel

From Speakeasy

Ahmed and Camel is a part-time Muslim from a wealthy family in Detroit. He became a Muslim when his parents gave him a Koran and towel for his thirtieth birthday. Ever since then, his parent's loving gift has never left his head.

Ahmed is single; he has never had a great deal of sucess with women. This is largely due to the fact that he keeps a camel in his bedroom. The camel is very faithful, has no vices, and always accompanies him to prayers, five times a day. (Not many infidels know this, but camels are always welcome at any Mosque in the world.)

Ahmed and Camel are currently making a Haji to the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia. They were last reported swimming towards Mecca, off the coast of Tripoli in the Mediteranean Sea. Camel was still afloat.

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