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The Doctor

The universe is in peril.

Each and every thread in the fabric of time and space is coming undone.

The last of the Timelords, a noble race from the now-destroyed planet of Gallifrey, have initiated a long-held plan to create an army (if you will) of soldiers, intellectuals, and adventurers to save the time stream before it becomes so unraveled that the universe ends.

The people chosen are hand-picked for skill, smarts, and sometimes simply because one Gallifreyan simply knew that the person would do something to save the universe.

A 12-7, a small, radio-like transmitter appears out of nowhere. Just appears. It means you've been chosen. As your fingers touch the small machine, it begins to transmit. What will you say?

Welcome to Relative Space.

The Game

Relative Space is a roleplaying game based around the long-running and much-loved science fiction programme Doctor Who and its spinoffs (including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures). The game is a pan-Who game, spanning along all of the years of the canon, and, occasionally, into the alternate universes that might've been.

What're you all standing around for? Get to rummaging around!

Alternate Universes
The Characters
The Writers
How to Join
The Story Thus Far
Newbie Guide

This is the wiki. The wiki is under construction.

If you think of something you want on the wiki (besides character descriptions and all that), let the mod know.

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