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The Definite Article
Character Journal: The Definite Article
Race: Timelord
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Very pre-Time War
Affiliated with: Sarah Jane Smith Harry Sullivan
Writer: Kristin


Basic Character Information


Yes, he existed and did things, and ate sweets and saved planets and ruined his shoes. And I shall regale you with stories in the near future.

Physical Description

A hot stud of a man with an enviably swank scarf.


Succinctly: he's utterly unhinged. More in-depth analysis to come.

Random Facts/Tidbits

-- likes Jelly Babies
-- hates guided tours

In Other Communities

Theatrical Muse

Currently traveling with Sarah Jane Smith. They may, or may not be madly in love. The Doctor is a bit reticent.

Relative Space

Met up with quite a few crazy folk! Thinks his eleventh self is quite bitchin', had a little tiff with Harry Sullivan that was smoothed over with tea, done sex with Sarah Jane, and is wandering around aimlessly, looking for the perfect stalk of corn.

Dear Multiverse

Charmed Dorothy Gale (he charms everyone, what can I say?) from Wizard of Oz fame, and convinced her to take a trip with him, because he hates being alone. They are currently traveling to Kastellana to visit Boris, the lute-playing dragon, who's a very dear friend of the Doctor. They're bringing him strawberry rhubarb pie. They may run into a spot of bother.

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