Sir Aubrey Brocklebank

From Ratty

Sir Aubrey Brocklebank
Wheel Arrangement 4-6-2
Year of Origin 1919
Year of Withdrawal 1927
Designer W.V. Cauchi
Builder Hunt & Co.
Length 18' 7.75"
Liveries Blue, Red, Green

Sir Aubrey Brocklebank was the third of the "scale" engines to arrive. It was basically an improvement of Colossus and the Bassett-Lowke Class 60. It provided welcome relief for the motive power deparment and took a major share of the work.

As with the other scale engines, she was too lightly built and her frame actually broke in 1926. She was withdrawn at the same time as Colossus for similar reasons and her chassis became part of River Mite I.

Her liveries changed from NGR Blue to Midland Red and then Green.

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