Royal Anchor

From Ratty

Royal Anchor
Wheel Arrangement B-B
Year of Origin 1956
Year of Withdrawal 1978
Designer Charles Lane
Builder Charles Lane
Length Unknown
Liveries Two-tone Grey, Blue,

This engine is an experimental diesel hydraulic engine built by Charles Lane of Royal Anchor Hotel is Liphook, Hants. It was trialled on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Raiwlway and in 1961 was bought by the Ratty. It is powered by a Ford 4D engine and could haul four full bogie coaches. It performed sterling work and could often be seen with the Locally-built 4-wheelers.

In 1978 it was sold on to Steamtown, Carnforth, and when that recently closed, it was sent away to the United States of America, to a private owner.

The original livery of the engine was two-tone grey with a red stripe and then royal blue, similar to that on Shelagh of Eskdale.

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