Lady Wakefield

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Lady Wakefield
Lady Wakefield
Wheel Arrangement B-B
Year of Origin 1980
Designer Ian Smith
Builder Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway
Length 17' 2.5"
Livery Mock-DRS Blue
Status Dismantled and recieving overhaul

Lady Wakefield, colloquially known as Doris, was designed by Ian Smith and built at Ravenglass works with a Perkins 6/354 engine, identical to that which was in Shelagh of Eskdale at the time. The engine also has a Twin Disc gearbox and driveshafts to each bogie, along with chain-coupled wheels.

The design is that of an American hooded locomotive, so as to give the driver good all-round vision. The engine is also a very smooth rider, thanks to its secondary suspension and shock absorbers.

Shortly after commissioning in August 1980, the engine went to Romney to prove diesel traction on the RH&DR. It became the basis for their two diesel engines, John Southland and Captain Howey. While at Romney, it showed that a single diesel locomotive was capable of pulling the heavy sixteen coach school train.

The engine was also used as the template for the 12.5" gauge diesel, Lady of the Lakes, for the Ruislip Lido Railway, which was constructed at Ravenglass.

The engine's livery is mock-DRS blue with yellow ends and turquoise stripes, similar to that seen on the main line at Ravenglass, on DRS Class 20 diesels. It is currently dismantled in the workshops at Ravenglass, undergoing a full mechanical overhaul.

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