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Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0T
Year of Origin 1896
Designer Sir Arthur Heywood
Builder Sir Arthur Heywood
Length 8' 0"
Livery Green
Status Under Reconstruction

Katie was built by Sir Arthur Heywood at his works at Duffield Bank in 1896. It was constructed by the Duke of Westminster's 15" gauge railway at his home of Eaton Hall. In 1915, Narrow Gauge Railways bought it and transferred it to work at Ravenglass, where the new line was just reopening and extending up the valley.

Work that the engine did at Ravenglass included running the passenger and goods trains, alongside Sans Pareil and Colossus, and together they established the line's credability.

Llewelyn's Miniature Railway in Southport bought the engine in 1918 and then, in 1922, it went to the Fairbourne Railway. The engine's frames eventually became a wagon because of the boiler needing work. The frames then were given to the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Tywyn, Wales, who then passed them on to the new museum at Ravenglass in 1982.

In 1992, the R&ER Heritage Group was formed and since then have been reconstructing the locomotive using surviving parts and components from other Heywood engines. Parts from Muriel, Shelagh and Ursula have all been incorporated so far and the rebuilding will hopefully be completed in the next few years.

The engine has a green livery.

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