ICL No. 1

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ICL No. 1
ICL No. 1, Bunny
Wheel Arrangement 2-B
Year of Origin 1916
Designer Francis Theakston
Builder Francis Theakston
Length 14' 10"
Livery Green
Status Under Restoration

ICL No. 1 started life as a Ford Model T engine acquired by the railway in 1922. It was called the "Crewe Tractor", and was ex War Department from the First World War. It was mainly sed on the lighter trains and from 1923 carried an ugly cab to protect the driver, and this had to be turned around using its own turntable.

In 1925, this was incorporated into a 2-B engine, with a teak cab, which was destroyed in a collision with ICL No. 2 in 1928. It then gained its current cab, which is reminiscent of the electric locomotives that could be seen on the LNER.

It continued to be on the motive power roster until 1962, when it was stripped of its mechanical parts and converted into a tool van for permanent way duties. In 1984, it was cosmetically restored to its 1928 condition and now is stored in the paint shop, and will hopefully be returned to running condition.

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