From Ratty

Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0
Year of Origin 1957
Designer Greenwood & Batley
Builder Greenwood & Batley
Length 10' 11"
Livery Dark Green
Status Requiring new batteries

Greenbat is one of many battery electric locomotives that were built in Leeds by Greenwood & Batley. This particular engine was built in 1957 for Thomas Marshall & Co. of Storrs Bridge Fireclay Mine in Yorkshire. Its builders number is 2872 and was originally built to a rare and unusual gauge of 16". When the mine closed, the engine was brought to Ravenglass, where the wheels were reprofiled to the Ratty's gauge and then became a versatile engine for shunting coaching stock with.

Its livery is dark green and currently stands at the end of the siding by the workshops, and needs new batteries.

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