Flower of the Forest

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Flower of the Forest
Flower of the Forest
Wheel Arrangement 0-2-2
Year of Origin 1985
Designer Ian Fraser
Builder Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway
Length 10' 5"
Livery Green
Status On Static Display

Flower of the Forest is a vertical boilered 0-2-2 single-cylindered engine that was built by the railway in 1985 for Ian Fraser, who had donated Bonnie Dundee to the line several years previously. It has a similar design to the LNER Y6 tram engine, which were to be seen on the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway. It also carries a chimney from a 2' gauge Dundee gasworks locomotive, like Bonnie Dundee.

When Mr Fraser passed away, the engine was returned to the railway in his will, and arrived back at Ravenglass in 1992. It has a slow line speed, and is only able to haul one open coach, so is operated mainly at gala weekends, where it shunts around the station limits of Ravenglass.

The livery of the engine is North Eastern Railway green, with black and white lining.

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