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NWNX allows you to add extra functionality such as persistency to Neverwinter Nights. From version 2 upwards, users can write their own custom plugins which are automatically loaded at start up and can be used from any script within your module.

The purpose of this wiki is to create a place where documentation can be edited and improved by the people who use the NWNX product.

The main developer of NWNX is Ingmar Stieger (Papillon).

Key features of NWNX include:

  • Starts the NWN server and a module.
  • Restarts the server after crashes or lockups.
  • Logfile rotation keeps track of server restarts
  • Support for Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Provides Database Access, Hashsets, Linked Lists, Server Vault Linking, Debugging, Profiling and more...
  • Completely free and licensed under the GPL.



NWN Standalone Server -
NWNX Software -

Getting Started

  • MySQL DB Setup - Instructions on how to login into your MySQL databse, and create the needed users and tables for use with NWNX.
  • NWNX Setup Instructions - Instructions for putting the base NWNX files in the correct place and configuring the NWNX.ini file.

Installation Guides


Note that the official documentation is located here.

  • Neverwinter Nights Extender 2: Documentation for the main program
  • APS/ODBC2: Documentation for the new unified database connectivity plugin/the new Avlis Persistence System.
  • Profiler: Documentation for the NWNX Profiler, a performance tuning utility
  • Hashset: Documentation for the Hashsets data structure
  • Functions: Documentation for the experimental Functions module
  • VaultSTER: Documentation for the Vaultster plugin

Development Tutorials

Development Tips and Tricks

The purpose of this section is to provide helpful poweruser tips, gotchas, and other random but useful information about development using NWN. This includes areas, scripts, conversations, haks and anything related to the game. So please, if you have a tip - share it!

Neverwinter Script Information Database:

Tutorials and Info from Georg Zoeller (Bioware) on 1.6x scripting functions:

Tools and Full 2da Source:

Lots of information on the contents of 2da files and tlks, as well as how to edit and use them:


Interviews Comments and Accolades about NWNX

2003-01-31 Interview with Papillon/Avlis team (APS/NWNX)

2005-01-05 Bioware's Profile: Neverwinter Nights Extender v2

2005-06-30 Interview with Athena and Orleron (Joining Persistent Worlds)

2006-03-13 Papillon’s .plan » NWNX4


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