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Welcome to the Neomia Wiki, the wiki for the off-site Neopets plot, Neomia.

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The Negg Hunt 2007 - event began on April 1st, 2007 and ran until April 7th, 2007, when the Prize Shop was opened for all participants who scored points in the event.

In the Negg Hunt 2007 - event, users started out by searching for Neggs hidden around the site by The Neomia Team or other users. After finding said neggs, they hid them in other allowed places from other users. If the other users found them, they hid them again and so on. Points were awarded to users on the hour, every hour and a Neggsplosion (an event that cleared all neggs and sent them to the Negg Hunt page at the beginning of the hunt and to any random place on the site at the latter parts of the hunt) occured at random times or hourly. At the last day of the hunt, the scores were taken every 30 minutes and a Neggsplosion happened every hour. Points could only be gotten if the user held at least one negg on the hourly score check. If a negg was not held at all on any hour, no point were gained. (more...)

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Welcome to the Wiki containing as much information that we at Neomia have gathered into this Wiki. This is a community-project, so any Neomian users are allowed to help out.

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