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Nanya:Quote of the Day/27 April 2013

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Name about the person

This is the history.

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  • … that the Nanya universe was created back in 1982?

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Improvement drive

This week's improvement drive:

Please improve the article in any way you can.

Suggest an article to be improved

Suggest an article to be improved.

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  • The Nanya Wikipedia is being worked on
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April 27

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Citizen of the Month

April's Citizen of the Month:

Congratulations from all of us here in the Brass Galaxy!

Nominate a user for this award

Nominate a user for this award.

First Steps

  1. Write down your password.
  2. On this page: image_logo_url put just the url for the logo that you want in the upper left corner of your wiki.
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