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Join Please. It's a new forum. 3 Reasons why you should join are below

Status Grounded until like November. May be able to come on on Saturdayz.

All projects are on hiatus. That includes Series 2, Mario Wiki Land, and



I have returned. From now on out, I'm off the MarioWiki. i'll be a lot more active now. Huzzah!

3 Reasons you should join my new forum (Link Above)

  • Coin System, and a Store
  • very few rules, User Smileys, and all ideas sent in by users are read by the Admin (me) to make the forum more Enjoyable to all.
  • To help a Friend (me)

Kirby Kwest

I'm working on M&L Kirby Sprites, a "challenging act" as proclaimed by many. Here are the sprites so far. I'll update this a lot.


Mario is their for size reference, FYI.

PLz Rate plz.



Mario Wiki Land

Questions? Concerns? Compliments? I would be glad to hear them all on my talk page

P.S. Anybody can ask for a ride, or put up an ad (image nessary).

See Mario Wiki Land for more info

Max2's Comic Critique Corner

Read the title, Einstein.

This is a parody of those harsh rating corners. The ratings are still real, though

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