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WOW!!! My Final Smash
Well hiya I'm a MarioBros You can call me Mario, Luigi, Mr Hyper-ONLY WAYOSHI, Mar-Lui, Dude, Mario Freak, Luigi Freak, Cool Dude. Well you get the point! So lets start shall we!

Yes that is my Final Smash over there ----------------------------------------------------------------------->

Unfortunately I am obsessed with Bleach and my favorite character is Kuchiki Byakuya.


Games I'm in

User Profile
Ranking User
First Edit User:MarioBros777
Moves Inventions, Elementals, Flying.
Location Sky Island
Likes Cheese, Mario, Luigi
Gender Male
Rivals None
Allies Pokemon_DP and others...

Well currently I am in:

Comics I am in

Theme Music

  • When I come this is his theme tune
  • At daytime near my house this tune is played!
  • When it's midday this theme tune is played!
  • By the time it's nighttime this is played!
  • When it's raining or being depressed this tuned is played!
  • When I'm happy this is played!
  • When I play this game in the one course something similar to this is played

More coming soon!

Upcoming games

Well I did make 10 Swords which is going well! Also I'm deciding on making a game that's called Mario Wiki: Video Game Meltdown which will be interesting... You want to know about it *gasp* well alright! It's about video games where you get into a video game and you have to play it only that the genres are mixed up so that a platform could be a fighting or fighting be Mario Party style so that would be a doosy! I think...

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