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Monday, April 7, 2014

Status: A person who is in the girls team on vs. vs. vs. Period.

User Profile
Blue Green Boo
Ranking User
First Edit User:Jaller2
Moves Fruit Punch, Color Punch, Brain Throw, Spinning Kick
Location Earth
Likes Bacon
Gender Boy
Rivals OoBneerG
Allies Toadbert101.

Hello there! I'm Jaller2, and Toadbert101 should know me by now. Picture:

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BlueBoo was a Toa Satiplim who saved Mil-Nui from the Neadnead Monster. He and his team went to Bioniclepedia. Then they saw the Super Mario Wiki. Then they transformed into Mario forms. Protoboy (a.k.a. BlueBoo) had a Dry Bones head, Popcorn-like body, and an Arend Water Blast tail. Kaquia looked like a blue Boo with a tail. Gav looked like a Pikachu/Dark709 combination. Telalia looked like an Aipom/Samus Aran combination. Kranakraata looked like a green Boo. Gnoa looked like a pink Boo. Then Protoboy got out insane and used crazy questions on talk pages (like 1337Yoshi said "Oh, that could get annoying pretty fast"). PLDS is currently making a sprite for BlueBoo and Kaquia.


As in most stories, BlueBoo is a Pichu with two brothers and one sister. Jomigs (though in most stories as a penguin; also a Pikachu), Dudelego9 (though in most stories as a monster; also a Raichu), and Girlsmile (also a Rayquaza; the only sister). BlueBoo is now Blue Green Boo. He is a Boo, and also a human. He has three cousins, Dayrin (also a Charizard), Legodude761 (also a Togepi), and Girlgood (also a Voltorb). I can't reveal their real names even though I know their real names.


Toadbert101, Dry Bones, 1337Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Master Crash, PLDS, Toa Waluigi, WarioLoaf, Arend, Aipom, Xzelion


Mario Form: Attack: Element Punch: Uses all power in the BIONICLE storyline to take away 20 HP. HP: 50. Items: Miru.

Pokémon Form: Speices: Pikachu. Attacks: Leaf Blade, Aurora Beam, Atract, Surf. Color: Blue.


Real Name: Austin. I think...

Age: Ask PLDS.

Interests: The Backyardigans, Mario, BIONICLE, Beakman's World.

Location: Leet Town.

Quote: "I don't know why we came here." -Tasha from The Swamp Creature.

Song: I Betcha, sung by Jamia Simone Nash and Sean Curley.

Quotey Quotes

"Curse you, Eneru, curse youuuuuuuuuuu!"
   – Beanbean in ?
"ZOMG! Can I have some?"
   – Smiddle in The Untitled Comic Without A Name
   – Plumber in Chatroom
   – Zaktan in Piraka Attack
"Well, I'll see you then."
   – Hahli in Mask of Light
"Soon you'll be ready to play "Pin the Tail on the Ash Bear", record keeper!"
   – Onewa in Legends of Metru Nui
"No, don't, don't, DON'T!"
   – Sidorak in Web of Shadows
"Evil...... Apples...."
   – Bob in A Docter a Day Keeps the Apples Away
"Are we dead yet?"
   – Dry Bones in Trampoline!
   – GreenBoo in ?
"Are you sure that we are late?"
   – Myopia in Probe
"Hey, Toodee, why aren't you eating your yogurt?"
   – DJ Lance Rock in Eat
"You sound...evil..."
   – Agent Secret in International Super Spy
"I expect you to laugh!"
   – Lady in Pink in International Super Spy
"Naillij, it's not a good idea to hide from your crush. You should already know that is... me."
   – Ecniv in Silliman Center
".sdrawkcab klat I"
   – Backwards in ?
"I dunno. Must've been something we ate."
   – Bour in Akano's Comics
"Wow, you make Kongu look handsome."
   – Hewkii in Ignition 10
"She's the sister I never had."
   – Pichu in Bandmon
"A picture of Pichu and Voltorb. How sweet."
   – Charizard in Bandmon


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Sorry I.........................................................................................................................................................
Never Mind. Sorry that I spammed.

A Supersonic Adventure!

First, go to the ramp with black and yellow arrows. Drive to it and you can fly all the way up to Kodan Claw. Go through it, and you wil smash the ground. It destroys your car, but gives you a lot of points! Go up the silver ramp, go to the subramp, then drive as fast as you can, then you fly, all the way to where a skateboard ramp was. Then you go through it, and you are trapped inside. Move backwards to the right side, then your car passes through the wall, and it lifts the car until the front is at the floor. Now you go inside the car, and then you are free! Go up the ramp, then climb up the T-Rex statue. When you reach the head, fall down. You will get millions of points! Go to the stairs and drive on them. Then go up the skateboard ramp, to the board and you are on top of an isle! Go straight ahead, keep going, until you fall. Then you smash the ground so hard that the building collapses! Your finished, lucky person ;)

And don't forget to wish me happy wiki birthday on August 13! And don't forget my real birthday on Friday!

This user helped Gallade and Gardevoir in their wedding.

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