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Sysop Tower

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Sysop Tower is where guests register and where Sysops hang out and work.
Sysop Tower, along with many users and guests.


This section may contain spoilers for The Lost Adventures. Read at your own risk.

  • It was the main setting in The Great Freeze Journey.
  • Sysop Tower appeared as Zyzop Tower in the official Wiki Game
  • Sysop Tower was a board in MarioWiki Party
  • In Wiki's End, this is the place where Porplemontage announced that the wiki was coming to an end. However, it only appeared in two parts of the Prologue, and didn't make an apperance again in the series.
  • In The Lost Adventures by Uniju, an alternate universe, Realm 0.5 Sysop Tower is destroyed by a W.O.S.O. gunship.


Floor 1: Everybody

  • This is where the Sysop Room, Crat Room, and reception Area is.

Floor 2: Everybody

  • contains an Art Gallery, Photo Studio, and Movie Theater

Floor 3: Sysops only

  • contains a portal to Pwnage Path, Boxes with party supplies, and a Block Room

Floor 4: Crats Only

  • Steve's Office.

Floors 5-30: ???

  • Filled with unknown things. no one has ever reached these floors, as the only entrance is at the top of the tower. HK-47 is known to make occasional visits, but no one is quite sure why... some say Plumber serves some food on the highest level, and Hk buys it, but no one knows for sure....
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