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Real Life

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3 Users in Real Life

RL stands for Real Life. It is the place we live in, typing these articles onto a computer. The place where you are if you are reading this right now.

RL is often shown to be a different Dimension than the Wiki World, and only a few users can go back, once they enter. Some call this addiction, but Users simply believe it is due to a re-aligning in the stars whenever a new user appears, which makes the entrance one-way only.



Users are connected to their sprites, or their appearence in the Wiki World, in many ways. One example is User:Max2, who, in RL, cherishes his Beanie Hat as much as his character, Max2 cares for his Dice Cap.

Real-Life Users Concern

Excluding a few siblings and friends, users never see each other in Real Life. This may be because of the verey large area called Earth in which Real Life is based on.

Appearances (SPOILER ALERT)

RL has only made one appearance in Paper Mario Wiki. In the game, a bug destroys the Mario Wiki, leaving the sprites separated from their RL counterparts. The RL users meet in secret to try and fix it. However, you never see their faces, only the scenery and dialogue.

Users in RL

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